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Corrosion Prevention (CP)

Corrosion Prevention Division is a leading corrosion prevention specialist in Singapore. With roots dating back to the early 1970s, we provide high quality and efficient corrosion prevention services to customers in the marine, oil and gas, civil construction and infrastructure industries. Over the years, we have enhanced our core competencies and moved up the value chain to establish a strong niche in specialised tank coating services and large-scale plant operations.

In tandem with the expansion of our service offerings, we have continued to strengthen our foothold in the marine and offshore sectors. Our commitment to meeting customers’ expectations and consistently delivering jobs on schedule has enabled us to be a resident contractor for premier shipyards in Singapore. We believe the award of this status bears testimony to the quality and reliability of our accredited services.

What is Corrosion Prevention?

Corrosion prevention lengthens the lifespan of metal structures. When exposed to the elements in the environment, metal structures will suffer deterioration in structural strength. Corrosion prevention typically begins with the blasting process, which cleans and eliminates contaminants on the surface of metal structures. This prepares it for coating and painting which will protect and prolong the life of these structures.

Complete Range of Services

At CP, we provide comprehensive corrosion prevention services through a wide range of blasting and coating methods at our own plant as well as on-site at customers’ shipyards. To complement our core services and deliver a one-stop solution to customers, we are also engaged in the design and supply of blasting and painting systems.

Overview of CP Products and Services


Plant Operations

Blasting and coating of raw materials that are supplied by customers, such as steel plates, steel structures (beams and pipes), and fabricated modules

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Tank Coating

Highly specialised and controlled process of grit blasting and paint coating for internal surfaces of chemical tankers, FPSO (Floating, production, storage and offload) vessels, and barges. Tank coating is performed on-site.

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Grit Blasting - Site

On-site blasting and coating of ship or tanker hulls, oil rig and FPSO modules, or structures that are too large to be brought to our plant.

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Design, supply and distribution of corrosion prevention systems, machinery, equipment, materials and products.

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