See Hup Seng

Solar Energy

Our Solar Energy Division is specialises in solar energy development and M&E works.

We have built significant in-house capacity in various facets of project development and management such as technical, legal, regulatory, environmental and financial. With our team of skilled specialists, we are committed to harness the power of sun at commercial & domestic level through powerful, proven and cutting edge solutions.

Why Solar Energy?

With the rising awareness of adopting ecologically-friendly means to address limited natural resources depletion problem & global climate concerns, as well as to minimize costs for every business; it is evident that everyone is seeking clean & affordable energy efficient solutions.

Dedicated to helping Southeast Asian countries to conserve its resources and develop green environment, our Solar Energy Division hopes to change mindset and encourage the widespread use of renewable energy.

Complete Range of Services

We offer a wide range of energy solutions. Some of these include:


Our range of activities includes site evaluation; detail design of panels, inverters & balance of system; power evacuation & distribution and O&M services. In order to optimise the project duration & cost, we directly interface with various project stakeholders & authorities to provide one-stop solution for our clients. We have successfully designed & implemented various on-grids, Off-grid & Hybrid systems for variety of applications.

With the help of centralised technical support & project management service, we make use of local work force to deliver turn-key projects even at remotest locations of Southeast Asia. We have successfully installed various roof-top, ground-mounted photovoltaic systems of all scales for domestic & commercial clients.

Solar Project Development

We are focused to establish solar energy as an affordable and reliable power generation source for our forward-thinking clients. We wish to operate as an independent solar power producer who can provide inexpensive solar energy solutions to its clients with minimal or even zero upfront cost. We know how to design, build & manage small/large scale photovoltaic power projects; thereby create attractive but practical investment proposals for ourselves & other investors.

M&E Works

We offer electrical supply and installation services for efficient lightings and induction lamps in commercial and industrial buildings. We design and install air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems for residential, industrial and commercial users.