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Refined Petroleum Division (RP)

Refined Petroleum Division, packages and distributes refined petroleum products in the Asia Pacific region. With an established track record of more than 20 years, we offer value-add to our major supplier ExxonMobil and customers through comprehensive supply chain management. This ranges from blending and packaging of refined petroleum products into pails and drums, to storage and distribution of the products to designated locations in Singapore and overseas.

RP also has offices in Hong Kong, China (Guangzhou), South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia to serve our wide network of customers that includes multinational companies, resellers and agents in the Asia Pacific region. Our customer base spans diverse sectors such as vehicular, agriculture, coating, pharmaceutical, plastic and electronics industries.

Given Singapore’s position as a world-class chemical hub, coupled with the strong global brand value of ExxonMobil products, we believe RP is well-positioned to address the demand for petrochemical and specialty chemicals in this region.

Main Product Categories

As a strategic distributor for ExxonMobil in the Asia-Pacific region, RP holds the distributorship rights for a variety of ExxonMobil’s key products. We also obtain our supply of fuel from other sources besides our principal supplier ExxonMobil.

RP distributes the following ExxonMobil products :

Products Applications
(Mineral Fluids)
Used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products such as furniture polishes, waterless hand cleaners, pesticides, additives, paint and coatings. Also commonly used as an industrial cleaning fluid.
Poly-Alphaolefins ("PAO")
(Synthetic Fluids)
Used in the manufacture of high-grade synthetic lubricants for automotive and industrial usage, and personal care products.
Medicinal White Oil
Used in the manufacture of a wide variety of personal care and cosmetic products such as emollients, moisturisers, shampoos and bath oils. Also used in the production of pharmaceutical products including topical ointments, petroleum jellies, pelletiser aid and gelatine capsules.
Lubricants Primarily for automobile, marine, aviation and industrial applications
Fuels Diesel, fuel oil and kerosene are used to power vehicle engines, commercial engines, generators and other industrial equipment.

RP sells fuels on a wholesale basis and lubricants in ready-packed containers. For solvents, PAO and MWO, we purchase in bulk quantities from ExxonMobil and repackage them into smaller quantities in pails, drums and intermediate bulk containers that carry ExxonMobil trademarks and/or trade names.

Integrated and Value-Added Services

RP’s fully integrated packaging facilities in Singapore are certified and comply with stringent quality and safety requirements. Our packaging facility is equipped with cutting-edge filling and blending systems that ensure efficient filling and good control of quality. RP is also one of a few distributors of ExxonMobil worldwide that has an approved clean-room facility for the packaging of medicinal white oil into drums.

Storage and Distribution