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Core Strengths

Corrosion Prevention Business Refined Petroleum Distribution Business
Strong Track Record and Market Position

Since our inception in 1971, SHS Holdings Ltd (SHS) has continually strengthened its industry standing to become a leading provider of ‘one-stop’ corrosion prevention services. The Group’s strong market reputation for corrosion prevention services is underscored by our status as a resident contractor for premier shipyards in Singapore.

TAT Petroleum has grown steadily since its establishment in 1984 into a strategic value-added distributor with the capabilities to offer comprehensive supply chain management of refined petroleum products in the Asia Pacific region. With its status as a strategic distributor for ExxonMobil, TAT Petroleum is able to leverage the strong global brand value of its major supplier to compete against other brands of refined petroleum products.

Large and Diversified Customer Base

The Group serves a broad base of customers in Singapore, spanning various industries including marine, oil and gas, civil construction, and infrastructure.

By consistently delivering quality, reliable and efficient services, we have forged long-standing relationships with our major customers, many of whom have been with the Group for more than 20 years.

Our reach also extends beyond Singapore through the supply of a wide range of corrosion prevention equipment to industrial end-users in Southeast Asia.

Backed by an established track record of over 20 years, TAT Petroleum serves a wide network of customers that includes multinational companies, resellers and agents in the Asia Pacific region.

Our refined petroleum products are used by end-users from diverse industries such as vehicular, agriculture, coating, pharmaceutical, plastic and electronics.

With our emphasis on product and service quality, TAT Petroleum has established strong working relationships with customers. As a result, we enjoy a high level of repeat business, which enables us to benefit from a relatively stable revenue stream.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our high level of operational efficiency and quick turnaround time is a key factor that has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition. We have steadily invested in capacity expansion and process automation to keep pace with the demand for our corrosion prevention services and enhance our service delivery to customers.

We have one of the largest corrosion prevention plant operations in Singapore, which are supported by two facilities with a combined floor area of 26,115 square metres (sq m). Our plants are well-equipped with auto blasting and painting equipment for plates and profiles, as well as manual blasting chambers. We also have an extensive range of portable auto and manual blasting equipment to facilitate on-site corrosion prevention work at customers’ shipyards. In addition, our wide range of sophisticated inspection equipment ensures that the stringent technical and quality requirements of customers are met.

We also have first-hand access to the latest corrosion prevention technologies through our trading division, which designs, supplies and distributes corrosion prevention systems, equipment, materials and products. This better positions us to continually improve our service offerings to customers.

TAT Petroleum operates blending, filling, distribution and storage activities at a fully-integrated facility in Singapore. Through the years, we have invested in storage capacity expansion as well as filling and blending technologies to address growing demand for our petrochemical products and to broaden our service offerings.

We utilise cutting-edge systems for our filling and blending operations, supported by an on-site laboratory with specialised testing equipment that meet established international testing methods. We also have a clean-room facility that is approved by our major supplier, ExxonMobil, for the packaging of medicine white oil into drums.

With a combined covered and open storage area of more than 80,000 sq m, we are able to maintain sufficient and broad range of inventories to meet our customers’ needs.

TAT Petroleum was awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification in September 2005. This attests to our stringent quality standards, and adds to our credentials as a strategic distributor of a wide range of products for ExxonMobil in Asia Pacific.

Value-added Services

In line with our strategy is to continually enhance SHS’s value proposition as a one-stop service centre, we are continually working to broaden our capabilities and deliver more cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Through the years, the Group has steadily moved up the value chain by extending our offerings to include higher value and more specialised tank coating services as well as large-scale plant operations.

Our comprehensive range of corrosion prevention services are further complemented by our trading division which has the capability to provide customers with turnkey solutions from design to installation of equipment.

TAT Petroleum’s aim is to continually raise our value-add to customers by expanding our capabilities to offer integrated supply chain management solutions for refined petroleum products.

Our blending and filling facility is capable of blending various grades of solvents into finished products for varying applications, and filling them into different forms of packaging to suit customers’ requirements.

Our extensive storage facility and regional distribution network further raises our value-add by enabling customers to better manage their delivery schedule and storage space. We also offer storage and distribution services to customers as a third-party service provider.

High Barriers to Entry

Thanks to our comprehensive and value-added services, the Group has established strong relationships with our customers over the years. In addition, our track record and breadth of capabilities better position the Group to attract new customers.

The high capital outlay required for this business as well as substantial financial resources to continually maintain and upgrade facilities and equipment create substantial barriers to new entrants.

The stringent specifications demanded in specialised corrosion prevention services further raise the bar for new entrants as substantial technical expertise is required to fulfill customers’ expectations.

As a resident contractor for premier shipyards in Singapore, the Group has the privilege of carrying out corrosion prevention work at these customers’ premises. These stamps of approval are testament to our ability to meet the high performance requirements of our customers, and provide an edge over competitors who have not been accorded this status.

The capital-intensive nature of this industry forms a formidable barrier for new entrants. Significant capital investments are required for storage facility, blending and filling systems, testing equipment as well as specialised transportation infrastructure.

TAT Petroleum has in place a fully-integrated facility in Singapore. We are also one of few distributors of ExxonMobil worldwide that has an approved clean-room facility for the packaging of its medicine white oil into drums.

New entrants also have to meet the stringent quality and safety standards of customers and suppliers, and need to have a wide and efficient marketing and distribution network in the region. TAT Petroleum has a well-established base of customers and suppliers, supported by our extensive distribution infrastructure and strong sales support in the Asia Pacific region.

Experienced Management Team

At the core of SHS’s success is our team of experienced and competent senior management and technical staff who plays a critical role in ensuring quality, reliable and efficient corrosion prevention services that consistently meet our customers’ needs.

Our Founder and Non-Executive Chairman, Mr Thomas Lim Siok Kwee has more than 30 years of industry experience. He is supported by senior management with extensive experience in the shipyard and offshore industries.

TAT Petroleum’s continued growth over the years can be attributed to its Executive Chairman, Mr Tan Thoo Chye, and Deputy Executive Chairman, Mr Ang Keng Boon, who each have more than 24 years of experience in the supply and distribution of petroleum products, and play a key role in formulating the company’s growth initiatives.

They are supported by a team of experienced senior management and executives, many of whom have years of accumulated experience handling businesses for ExxonMobil, and are familiar with ExxonMobil’s products and customers in the region.